Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sandbook PenPal Magazine August 2011

August 2011 PenPal Magazine
Welcome to yet another review of the Sandbook PenPal Magazine from August 2011. Yes, it's the summer and you simply get the warm and sunny feeling just by looking at the cover of this issue.
Ever since the July 2011 issue, the Sandbook Net team are sticking to the cute and coverful new look of the cover. You simply have to wonder about all those articles that are waiting for you once you manage to download the new issue and start reading it through. The leading stories are 2012 Stamp Program, Aurorae Yoga, Send more Mail, Waffles tasting with an awesome article by Missive Maven, Write around the world and let's not forget my personal favorite: PenPal Interviews! Of course there are lots of other articles in the issue. Let's take a look inside.
The magazine starts with Editorial from the Editor in Chief: 
 And here are previews of some of the stories in the content section:

The new feature that you can enjoy is placed all over the content pages - simply click on the article/photo that present interest for you and you will be automatically taken to the article. Hopping through the issue is now easier than ever! That's a wise little feature, but it saves a lot of time and I must admit I simply love it! Thanks for the surprise there, Sandbook!

This issue includes a 6 page article on the wonderful postcards from the Missive Maven :

 a review on Send more mail
 and a yummy waffle's article by PenPalling and Letters:
If you have enjoyed this review of the issue 10, August 2011 of Sandbook PenPal Magazine, be sure to read all the stories in the magazine, which you can download for free at (or just click on the This Isssue link here).
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