Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sandbook PenPal Magazine July 2011

The cover  July 2011
The guys from SandbookNet never seem to disappoint! The new July 2011 issue is released and it is looking absolutely gorgeous! Few things about the magazine make a huge impression! 
Firstly, the design. As a big fan of the 80s/grunge style, I think that this issue is totally made to my likings! Thank you, Sandbook! I love the overall designer touch to the magazine. When the magazine firstly hit the "market" (or should I say the internet, since it is a totally free e-zine, for now anyways!), we could see that the SandbookNet Team had made their best to come up with an original and cute design of the magazine. It certainly didn't have anything to do with the newspaper/ad design that most (if not all) other penpal related magazines had. The first issues of the Sandbook magazines had the side bars that framed the pages. Personally, I really liked those and did think that removing them wouldn't do much good for the design. Boy, I really love to be proven wrong! The latest issue of the magazine doesn't have the side bars, but the design didn't lose anything from that, even more than ever, I really found myself enjoying the full pages of the magazine.The hip and new "80s" look of this issue, surely points to the creativity of the design team.

The magazine starts with Editorial from the Editor in Chief:
The Content pages are totally redone: What can I say I simply love, love the colors:

 The articles that you can read inside the magazine are totally diverse and I am sure that everyone will find something that would personally intrigue him/her. For example, the Write Around the World Project that deals with the upcoming Pen Pal Movie made by Glass Completely Empty Productions:
 Or if you are feeling like reading something about stationery, SandbookNet has thought about you, too. They are making an awesome collaboration with Letters Parade. Check out the Letters Parade Blog and then don't forget to use the coupon discount (free shipping) code for all of the Sandbook Readers (see details in the magazine) in the Letters Parade Etsy Shop.
Discover Letter Parade Etsy Shop and Blog

And if that's not diverse enough for you, make sure you read the articles about MidSummer in Sweden, Clava's handwork with patched blankets or catch up on articles about the holidays (July 4th, Canada's Day, Lammas). Personally I find the Lifestyle Article Section (ADHD, Peace, Love, Respect article, etc) quite interesting! 

If you have enjoyed this review of the issue 9, July 2011 of Sandbook PenPal Magazine, be sure to read all the stories in the magazine, which you can download for free at (or just click on the This Isssue link here).


  1. Hello!

    I do have to agree, the ezine keeps getting better and better by the month!

    You can't help but be impressed over the hardwork and passion they put into this non-profit project! I love what they do and am very much looking forward to the day when you can feel the pages and bring the magazine with you!

    I think Sandbook is one of the pioneers of the Pen Pal revival!!

    Thanks for spreading the word, and for featuring LETTER PARADE :0)

  2. Cindy you are so right! I am anxious to have their e-zine turn into a paper one! That would be awesome! Right now, there are several newsletters available for about 3$ without the shipping and they are just newsletters not magazines. I am not saying that they are not good, but still I am spoilt and I love the "glamorous" looks/designs/pages instead of the "newspaper" type . Do you know what I mean? I am sure that Raia and Co will price the magazine at a very affordable level, too (once it gets all paper).

    And yip, they are really giving out a really quality e-zine product for free for all of the penpal fans to enjoy! I sometimes find it hard to beleive that it is still free!

    By the way, I loved the Letter Parade article! I just added you to the links and blog roll! Keep up the amazing work @Letter Parade! :D)


  3. Thank you, ladies for the kind words about our latest issue. Here at SandbookNet Central we are really happy and excited that we are getting such a great feedback for our latest issue! We couldn't have done it without all the support from our friends, authors and promoters! Thank you all! *hugs for Maxine and Cindy* ^^ Raia

  4. did i join the letternrt & how can i know that

  5. did i join the letternrt & how can i know that


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