Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PenPal Connection Paper Magazine:

Welcome to yet another review of Pen Pal Media. This time we are going to take a look at a paper magazine, called Pen Pal Connections (by Dawn Thomas).

Here's some information about the magazine:
"The Pen Pal Connection is a group for people who love to snail mail pen pal. We share pen pal stories, the pen pal experience, tips on letter writing, organizing your pen pals, pals looking for more pen pals & much more.
The Pen Pal Connection is a quarterly published magazine. In this group we can also submit articles and stories for publication, receive magazine updates, announcements & much more.
The Pen Pal Connection is $5.00 for a sample copy USA only ($6.00 US funds only for International orders)
One year subscription $18.00 (4 issues) (One year for International orders $25.00 US Funds only)"

So my opinion about the Pen Pal Connection Paper Magazine:
Subscription: Easy - just get in touch with the team!
Magazine type: Paid, paper magazine, issued quarterly. You can pretty much make the conclusions yourself - advantages: paper (yeah!), disadvantages - you have to pay for the issues. Shipping is included. Keep in mind that each issue is 28 to 32 pages long. Guess that it comes pricey to run a paper magazine! Payment: Checks or Money orders. That makes it hard to get from outside the US. However, you can contact the owner and see if other payment options are available.
Information wise: It includes articles and Ads - quite well maintained.
Ads from Pen Pals: Good job presenting the pen pals!
Design: You can get a feeling of the magazine's design from the photos that I have included. Sadly, they have not released officially other photos and I can't upload you photos from inside the magazine as they are their property. Hope it makes sense. But overall you can get a general idea of the magazine's design from its cover.
Join their yahoo group at: Y! Group: PenPalConnections.
Connect with them via Facebook: PenPal Connections on Facebook


  1. it's lovely to have penpal

  2. I would prefer to find my penpal through penpal writing connection rather than internet,because it is more safer and really natural.

  3. where is the addy to send for sample copy ?

  4. I lost my penpal , her name is Sussan Hartig-she from Germany. I got her when l w in JSS SCHOOL, 2004 . I lost her mail and contact..
    My name is Zakli Eric Kwaku from Ghana.My mail:
    My cell phone line +233-0244943170


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