Thursday, December 9, 2010

The PenPal Newsletter vol. 1

I have subscribed for Jeanne's Newsletter. The form is easy to fill out and you can find it by checking out the link: "The PenPal Newsletter Subscription". On her website you can find out the ways to participate in the newsletter, find a new friend and tons of other cool things. 

After subscription you will receive the newsletter in your email box (don't forget to check out the junk folder in your email as mine came in it). Just mark it "Not Spam" and you won't have any other problems with receiving it ever again. The first volume came out on Nov 13, 2010 and it included editorial, short pen pal list, interesting thoughts and sections such as web page of the week and book of the week. Moreover there was a section about a true penpal's story.

Here's the Editorial of the newsletter:
"Dear Readers,
Firstly, thanks a lot for signing up for the Penpal Newsletter!
Sorry for sending it out awfully late but I had some job issues and I couldn't come online a lot.
I know, maybe everything looks a little bit messy but I hope by time, I will get better. Since many years I wanted to create a Penpal Web page but my web design and coding skills are very limited. So, I decided to create this Newsletter. Maybe it's is a little outdated but hopefully, you will enjoy it anyway. In advance, I also want to say sorry about my spelling, I am not a native English speaker but I try my best to write in proper English. However, sometimes, I have really wired typos, which I even don't notice after reading the text for 100 times but after clicking the sending button..
Now, I also want to explain a little bit about the sections in the Penpal Newsletter.
The Penpal List- I guess, I don't need to explain what you can find there.:) The first list is small but fine. I hope in future more readers of the Penpal Newsletter will post their add here too. We have already many readers but I guess, they want to check out how the Newsletters looks like and so on.
Book & Webpage of the Week - in this section I will add one of my or one of the readers Book & Webpage review.
In future I want add some more stuff. If you have any ideas, just let me know.
Now, I wish you a nice reading.
Best wishes, Jeanne"

So my opinion about the Pen Pal Newsletter vol 1:
Subscription: Easy to do - it doesn't take a lot of time!
Newsletter type: Free digital newsletter, monthly (or at least I hope it is a monthly one).
Information wise: The information is presented on clear English and in form that anyone can understand it. If more people participate in the newsletter, I have big hopes for it!
Ads from Pen Pals: good job presenting the pen pals (since it is the very first volume of  the e-newsletter, I assume that when people get to know it, it will become more diverse. However, I am wondering if Jeanne posts more ads the whole newsletter design will get to become a long-sheet wise, so I guess we'd have to wait for the December volume to come out and see how things are done there).
Design: the newsletter is table format, so don't expect luxurious images or huge articles. After all, it has to be sent out via email so bear with it.

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