Monday, December 6, 2010

SandbookNet - PenPal and Swappers - Magazine

SandbookNet: PenPal Magazine
issue 1, November 2010

For the site's 2nd anniversary, the team of Sandbook.Net put together a digital magazine. They have promised to make 3 issues that are released on monthly basis and on the 11th of each month. So the first issue of the magazine is out and you can download it from their website - SandbookNet The PenPal and Swappers Magazine. You can pretty much suspect that the Magazine button will present a huge interest to any pen pal or swapper as it has a lot of cool articles and ideas about pen-paling.
Despite the fact that initially it was announced that the issue will arrive in your mailbox as an attachment, later SandbookNet made it clear that due to the overall size of the document (a pdf document) they can't send it through the email. So you have to do it yourself. That's a minor setback, but hey, once you open the luxurious issue you will know that everything has been worth the download and the wait!

Here are some images, as released from the
Letter Insider: The Do's and Dont's in PenPalling:

Cover Story: How to make nice and neat FB's:

 Simplicity Embellished - the best lifestyle blog that also happens to deal with correspondence. Check our the blog itself here:

 Samantha's Thoughts: a mother, a penpal and a writer:

Facebook Discussion: How did I start PenPalling?

For more interesting articles, traditions and correspondence tips, check out the whole SandbookNet PenPal and Swappers Magazine - issue 1, available for download on www.Sandbook.Net website. 

So my opinion about it:
Subscription: Easy to do - however you are subscribing only for a notification on when and how to download the magazine. As this notification is distributed as a mass message and as such can arrive in your Spam Folder, so check it out. Once you click it "Not Spam" you will have no problems with the next messages from the Sandbook.Net Team.
Newsletter type: Free digital, monthly Pen Pal Magazine (I hope that they will continue releasing it after the 3 months initial / testing period).
Information wise: Many interesting articles divided by topic. The team ensures that all Guest Authors write different topics as they vet them beforehand. The topics are diverse enough so that you can read tips on how to write letters, how to be a better pen pal, travel around the world to visit new cultures and get to know new traditions. Moreover, they present Pen Pal of the Month (a contest that is held on their website), Fun Pages, Recipes, Relationship Section and tons more. There are some typos that you will be able to see, but overall a really professional magazine and I am anxiously waiting for issue 2 that, if the schedule is right, should be released on Dec 11, 2010.
Ads from Pen Pals: The Ads section is in the middle of the magazine - you can find different ads from around the globe. Moreover, you can publish a Lost Pen Pal Ad. Pretty cool, huh?
Design: The magazine is done really professional. Behind the SandbookNet Team as we later on learned is Gaya Designs, who are responsible for the nice and cute designs.
I can't say more than just leave you to the wonderful pages of SandBook.Net: The Magazine!

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